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Hi! my name's Jaz and I'm 15 from Omaha, yo! And yes, I'm another person with 'mestup' in their user name, lol.

I'm pimping Mest as much as I can, mostly making my friends listen to their CDs, but it's catching on!

Any mest fans in the mid west?
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of course there are Mest fans in the midwest...!!
they're from fucking Chicago.
well I know that! I was thinking of more NE fans or something!
sorry.. i was in a bad mood when i read your post.
but yeah, there are fans in every state. guaranteed. :)
it's ok. I've turned my friends onto Mest.
thats cool... how long have you liked them for?
awhile. you? then I heard GC, but that's a tale for another time.
loooong time. 4 years I think
no MW sorry...im in FL
im a mest fan but im from australia lol how long have you liked mest for oh and have you herd about the new dvd and cd they are releasing
I've been a fan for awhile and yes, I have heard of their new DVD and CD. The CD's gonna be out, I think, September 13.

I think it's way cool that you're Australian! G'day Mate! lol, I'll never do that again!